Friday, August 15, 2008

Justin Isis - Cockblocked By H.P. Lovecraft

Look, Philip! It's Jeon Ji-Hyun and Kim Hee Sun! Let's try to impress them with our abstruse mathematical knowledge!


Do you guys have Nobel Prizes? Or the Fields Medal?


Well, not yet, but

We've written a number of papers on topology.

And we played a significant role in the 1950's British poetry scene known as "The Movement."

"The Movement"? I just had a "Movement" a few hours ago. But then I flushed the toilet!


H.P. Lovecraft, you're making my pussy wet.

Come on girls, let's go look at historical buildings in the Providence area.

You had me at "Come."

Damn that H.P. Lovecraft.

Damn him to HELL.

I bet he can't even factor quadratic equations without recourse to a digital calculator!